About me

About me

Happy being

with an artistic soul

Being of Choice

We are all the same. The only things that differentiate us are the choices we make.

We are the same.

We want to love, to be one with, BUT we fear we will get hurt, we fear that if we opened our hearts we would be hurt or devoured.

We want peace of mind, and we want to build confidence, BUT we cannot put trust in ourselves, in others, in the world, so we live in the constant struggle of “what if”.

We want to be happy, BUT we learned that happiness is something that might or not happen along the way, will never last long, and, anyway, there are many things more important than this.

We want to survive, we want to thrive, BUT we were taught that egoism is something bad, it’s a sin. “You have to care about the others more than you care about yourself…”

We want to evolve, to be the best us, YET, when we succeed, we are ashamed to feel pride and to show our pride to the world, instead, we tend to be humble and minimise it “It’s nothing…” while depending on others to acknowledge our accomplishments so that we can feel good.

We declare out loud “I don’t care what others say”, YET the fear of social death has surpassed the fear of physical death…

I am a happy human being, enjoying this amazing world we live in. I am working on choosing trust each time, loving myself more than anything else, loving people, loving the world, opening my heart. I try to get rid of all the “BUTs” and “YETs”, do things that make me proud and choosing myself who I am instead of letting others choose that for me.

the artist

Photography and painting are places where I can pour my soul and share it with the world. They started with a decision to try and survived through constant feeding and caring.

thank you for visiting my page! :)