Tierra Mitica

Tierra Mitica

Land of Magic


It is a place of amazing people that learnt the most simple truth:

Happiness is a Choice.

It is the home of people that work everyday to get rid of guilt, shame, and other beliefs that work against us instead of for us.

They organize workshops throughout the year helping people get rid of an unhealthy belief system and installing a new one, one that helps them realize:

We are Beings of Choice.


3 years ago I took a leap of faith and attended their Choice OS workshop, in Belgium and I am grateful for this every single moment. And more, proud of having become a Homo Delectus. 

Since then, I attended an advanced Lift off  Workshop and will do the same next year, as it is the biggest gift I ca give myself.

Every year my jungle family hosts 2 collective art events, Extravaganza, a collective sculpting event, and the Mythic Party, a collective painting event.


these photos are from the 2019 Mythic Party

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