The Jungle

Stay on the path


The peruvian mountain jungle

I took part of a collective art event held in Tierra Mitica, in the Peruvian jungle, and I got to say, the jungle was nothing I imagined. Or better said, I feared. 

The explosion of  life in unbelievable: the plants, the flowers, the insects, the sounds, the colors, it’s like a song that was made to stick to your mind and never let you go.

I went there fearing bugs and I discovered beauty.  The beauty of colours and diversity, the beauty of this intricate mechanism, self-sufficient and guided by one single rule: “Survival of the fittest”.

I went there twice during the rainy season and the rains never bothered me. They were part of this world, as natural as the trees…

I discovered the beauty of going to sleep while hearing all the jungle sounds… and they were not frightening,  but natural and calming. The sounds made men feel I was part of the jungle.

I went there not knowing what to expect, and I still don’t know what to expect, as, each time I went, it surprises me with details I haven’t noticed before…

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