those 3 minutes that make you forget anything else

I love dancing

Started in high school with a basic level of Valse, Tango, Chacha, and continued  after 30 with Salsa, Bachata, Merengue. I always considered it a combination of sport and having fun… When I  bought my first DSLR, taking dance photos was one of the first temptations…


Craaaaazy and fun

I love the rhythm, be it cuban, puertorican, I feel the need to move. I love its playfulness and the smile it brings on my face.

My second favourite is bachata, I love its sensuality, the way it slows down time, the way it creates closeness.

Argentinian Tango

An eternal TO DO item

The first time I saw a couple dancing Argentinian tango, I was in awe. The way they moved, smooth and so exquisite, it was nothing I saw before. We were in Greece with a Salsa event. and I learnt then the Argentinian Tango school in Greece was way before Romania at that time (2013ish).

Years later I was invited to take photographs at TANGO CASINO, one of the largest, if not the largest ARGENTINIAN TANGO Event in Romania. The dance still fascinate me the same, my only resistance is to the music, I would love it to be softer…


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