Other Projects

Other Projects


or what else to play with


A fun way to decorate things, using rice paper or napkins. Some acrylic accents  on top,  patina and top coat and they are ready to cheer someone up.

Back to Black

Or using paper, cloth pieces, rope, thread, mod lodge and  paint. It takes a little patience and attention, but the sky is the limit and the results really fun. And it doesn’t have to be black…

Wooden boxes

Wether painting them, or decorating, using decoupage, I really enjoy the whole process of discovering wooden boxes either in craft shops or in the flea market and getting the best out of them.

Tin Cans

I give them a new life and use them to hold my brushes, pens, leather tools. They look cute and are unbreakable, which is a huuuuuge quality in my world.

Leather or FIMO jewelries

I LOVE creating leather earrings, the larger the better. Sometimes I paint them sometimes I play with the shapes, colours and textures. Sometimes I create asymmetrical ones. And usually unique pairs.

And FIMO….is like rediscovering childhood clay…


I haven’t discovered yet all other things I would enjoy playing with, but I will

thank you for visiting my page! :)