yet complex

In Vino veritas

Or "what's the big fuss about that red liquid anyway...?"

Actually, the truth is inside us, we just need sometimes an excuse to let it out. And wine might be a very nice excuse.

So what is the big fuss about it? " Wine is an alcoholic drink, typically made from fermented grapes..." Some years ago I spent hours debating this with a friend, a connoisseur, he was explaining me about wine being alive as it continues to evolve within the bottle, about tannins, bouquet, DOs and DONTs, wine culture I was considering back then overcomplicated nonsenses ... I was a sweet wine lover back then, my favourite was Pedro Ximenez's Nectar (I still love that wine, by the way) and called dry wines "sour", which made every wine lover cringe.

I shoot some wine testings, and that helped me see that wine is just a reason, (and a very enjoyable one) to spend time together, communicate, have fun.

Now I very much enjoy a good dry wine (Shiraz are my favourites), with a good company, some nice maturated cheese and raisins.

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